Guest Info

Harbour / Autocamper dues per 24 hour: DKK 140,-  Electricity DKK 50,-  Please use the payment machine at Harbour Masters office.

Harbour Master:  Tlph. + 45 60 15 05 17

Nibe was originally a fishing village, first mentioned in 13’th century. The rich herring fishery shaped the town up to app. 1828, where the herring disappeared. In 1727 Nibe formally became a Market Town.

Well-preserved and beautiful old houses, winding streets and squares with paving stone – that is what you will find in the old part of town. The church of Nibe from 1440, is beautifully situated in the centre of the town and is definitely worth a visit.

Facts about Nibe Yacht Harbour:
Position: 56°59,3’N 9°38,0’E.
A – Classified (all year).
Capacity – Number of boats = 220.
Maximum draft: 2,3 metres.

Facilities: Bath/toilet/cooking/laundry facilities, Free wireless internet connection for our Guests and residents. Freshwater and electricity (CEE plug) on all bridges, slipway, mast crane, and restaurant / cafe / Ice cream sale.

dumppointlogorounded       Dump Point for Autocamper at no. 6.

Havneoversigt 2016

  1. Service Building (toilets, showers, laundry) + Restaurant
  2. Guest bridge with barbecue areas – longitudinal mooring
  3. Guest bridge –  Guests are also welcome to use all berths marked with green signs.
  4. Slipway
  5. Harbour pool – open air (free to use)
  6. Service berth (sale of diesel – contact Harbour Master)
  7. Nibe Yacht Club (tables / benches and barbecue area outside)
  8. Waste bin (behind the service building)
  9. Autocamper parking camper